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T. S. Eliot morreu há 50 anos

Ele nasceu em St. Louis, Missouri, nos Estados Unidos, mas mudou-se para a Inglaterra em 1914 (então com 25 anos), tornando-se cidadão britânico em 1927, com 39 anos de idade. Sobre sua nacionalidade e sua influência na sua obra, T.S. Eliot disse:
Faleceu em 4 de janeiro de 1965. Segundo sua vontade, foi cremado e as suas cinzas encontram-se na igreja Saint Michael, na vila de East Cocker, Somerset, na Inglaterra.

Aunt Helen

Miss Helen Slingsby was my maiden aunt,
And lived in a small house near a fashionable square
Cared for by servants to the number of four.
Now when she died there was silence in heaven
And silence at her end of the street.
The shutters were drawn and the undertaker wiped his feet—
He was aware that this sort of thing had occurred before.
The dogs were handsomely provided for,
But shortly afterwards the parrot died too.
The Dresden clock continued ticking on the mantelpiece,
And the footman sat upon the dining-table
Holding the second housemaid on his knees—
Who had always been so careful while her mistress lived.

T. S. Eliot

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