segunda-feira, setembro 27, 2010

Seminário em Évora sobre Geodinâmica


Giorgio Ranalli

Distinguished Research Professor

Department of Earth Sciences

Carleton University, Ottawa K1S 5B6, Canada

Horário: 14.30 horas

Data: 30 de Setembro de 2010 (5ª feira)

Local: Anfiteatro 1 – Colégio Luís António Verney

Promove: CGE/UE


Geodynamics is the branch of geophysics dealing with the internal processes in the Earth which lead to surface manifestations such as plate tectonics, seismicity, and mountain building.

The aim of the seminar is to illustrate how the principles of continuum mechanics and rheology can be applied to develop a quantitative understanding of geodynamic processes.

To this end, a review of basic physical facts relevant to the Earth (gravity field and the geoid, seismicity and seismic wave propagation, surface heat flow and internal temperature distribution, composition and state of the interior) will be followed by an examination of some selected geodynamic processes: plate tectonics, rheology of the mantle, thermal convection, sea-floor spreading, and subduction of the lithosphere.

Although no detailed analysis of any one of these topics can be offered within the space of one seminar, it is hoped that the review will give at least an idea of the problems and methodologies encountered in the study of the physics of the Earth.

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