sexta-feira, maio 15, 2015

O Metro de Moscovo foi inaugurado há 80 anos

The Moscow Metro (RussianМоско́вский метрополите́н]) is a rapid transit system serving MoscowRussia and the neighbouring Moscow Oblast towns of Krasnogorsk and Reutov. Opened in 1935 with one 11-kilometre line and 13 stations, it was the first underground railway system in the Soviet Union. As of 2014, the Moscow Metro has 196 stations and its route length is 327.5 km. The system is mostly underground, with the deepest section 74 metres underground at the Park Pobedy station, one of the world's deepest. As of 2013, the Moscow Metro is the busiest metro system outside of Asia, the world's busiest by daily ridership and the 6th longest in the world.


Sokolniki station. Opened in 1935 (the first stage)

First stage
The first line was opened to the public on 15 May 1935 at 07:00 am. It was 11 kilometres long and included 13 stations. The line connected Sokolniki to Okhotny Ryad then branching to Park Kultury and Smolenskaya. The latter branch was extended westwards to a new station (Kiyevskaya) in March 1937, the first Metro line crossing the Moskva Riverover the Smolensky Metro Bridge.

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