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Jesse Carmichael, o teclista dos Maroon 5, faz hoje quarenta anos

Jesse Royal Carmichael (born April 2, 1979) is the keyboardist of American pop rock band Maroon 5.
Life and career
Carmichael was born in Boulder, Colorado, United States. His father, Bob Carmichael, is a photographer (who takes pictures during Maroon 5's tours). Jesse also has a younger sister, Annie. He first started playing the guitar in junior high, rather than the keyboards (for which he is known in the band Maroon 5). Some time later, Jesse, along with Adam Levine, Mickey Madden and Ryan Dusick, started a band called Kara's Flowers and signed a recording contract with Reprise Records. In 1997, they released their debut (and only) album, The Fourth World. The album found little success and, after the demise of the group, Carmichael and Levine attended Five Towns College. While in college, Carmichael began to play the keyboards. However, two years later, Levine and Carmichael dropped out and headed back to California.
All of the Kara's Flowers members eventually met up and formed Maroon 5, with the addition of guitarist, James Valentine.
On March 9, 2012, It was announced that Jesse Carmichael would take a break from playing in Maroon 5 for an undetermined amount of time to focus more on his studies of "music and the healing arts" (spiritual healing). However, on October 10, 2012, he confirmed that he would be returning to the band after they complete their Overexposed World Tour (just 3 days later, the first part of the tour ended on October 13, 2012 in Sydney, Australia). He will re-join in time for the band to record their fifth studio album and to tour in support of it.
Jesse is also working on a solo project, which is named "1863".

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