segunda-feira, janeiro 12, 2009

Seminário em Lisboa




AMANHÃ, 13 de Janeiro às 14.00 horas

Dra. Susana Costas

( Departamento de Geologia Marinha do INETI)


The spatial and temporal scales of change of litoral barriers - Implications for Coastal Management


The shoreline is defined as the fragile limit between land and water. This physical interface is permanently shaped and modified by the action, interaction and retroaction of the climate, the sediment input, hydrodynamics, mean sea-level, and more recently by human intervention. The morphological response of the shoreline to these forces will depend on the temporal scale under consideration. One of the major issues in geomorphological research is the problem of linking different spatial and temporal scales of landform development. Detailed insight on beach behaviour has primarily been obtained on shorter time and length scales such as for example morphodynamic processes occurring on time scales of individual storm events. However, the integration of small- to medium (event)-scale processes to larger space and time scales has proved problematic because of the large differences in scale and the inherent nonlinear behaviour of the nearshore system. Here, the evolution of a sand-barrier is analyzed through different temporal and spatial scales using specific methodologies. The results highlight the importance of choosing an adequate temporal scale, or integrate results from different time scales to better understand coastal responses and plan future responsible management practices.

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